Mercedes Benz A-Service and B-Service

You’ve purchased a Mercedes Benz, one of the finest vehicles manufactured today, and now you’re wanting to ensure you take the best care possible of the vehicle. The best practice is to perform the routine maintenance schedules laid out by Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes-Benz uses a Flex Schedule for maintenance. Indicators on the control panel of your vehicle alert you to the various flex schedules. The first service should take place between 5,000 and 6,000 miles. This entails a thorough inspection and tire rotation service.

Your next service will occur when a single wrench icon illuminates on your control panel indicating it is time for an A-Service. When two wrenches appear on your Mercedes-Benz control panel, it is time for a Service B. After Service B has been performed on your Mercedes-Benz, the maintenance schedule loops back to an inspection and tire rotation between 5,000 and 6,000 miles after the Service B was performed. The inspection, tire rotation, A-service and B-service continue for the life of the vehicle in this fashion.

If you want to keep your Mercedes-Benz in top running condition and prevent unexpected repairs, you should take Mercedes Benz advice seriously and get these done diligently each and every time the service is due.

Inspection and Tire Rotation Service
· Inspect battery and check electrolyte level
· Inspect windshield wiper inserts and service windshield washer system (replacement of wiper inserts additional)
· Inspect belts, hoses and undercarriage
· Inspect lights
· Inspect brakes
· Inspect and top off fluid levels
· Rotate tires and adjust tire pressure (excludes AMG, Sports Models, SLK and vehicles with staggered wheels)

A-Service — First visit at approximately 10,000 miles or 1 year, but determined by Flexible Service System; then every 20,000 miles or 2 years.

Mercedes Benz A-Service Indicator Light Image

Mercedes Benz A-Service Indicator Light

Mercedes Benz A-Service Vorderman Motor Werks Performs:

· Function check
· Check warning and indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting
· Check windshield wiper, windshield washer system, headlamp cleaning system
· Reset maintenance service counter in instrument cluster
· Replace dust filter (not applicable to SL-Class)
· Replace combination filter (SL-Class)
· Check parking brake (function test only)

Wheels, brakes
· Check condition/thickness of front and rear brake discs
· Check front and rear brake pads for lining thickness
· Check tires for damage and condition
· Measure tread depth, record in mm
· Correct tire inflation pressure

Underside of Vehicle
· Check for major components leakage
· Check for chafe marks, line routing, damaged components
· Check condition of front axle ball joints and rubber boots
· Check condition of mechanical steering components and rubber boots

Engine Compartment
· Check for major components leakage
· Check for chafe marks, line routing, damaged components
· Check and replenish all fluid levels
· Change engine oil and filter
· Check engine cooling system, antifreeze and corrosion protection
· Check brake system
· Check power steering
· Check Active Body Control
· Check windshield washer system
· Check and correct battery fluid level
· Check battery condition
· Check catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood for proper operation
· Check condition of poly V-belt

· Check battery condition
· Correct tire inflation pressure in spare tire

Mercedes-Benz B-Service

Mercedes-Benz B-Service Indicator Light Image

Mercedes-Benz B-Service Indicator Light

· Inspect windshield wiper inserts and service windshield washer system (Replacement of wiper inserts additional*).
· Inspect and rotate tires, record tread depth, and correct tire pressure. (Wheel balance additional*). Excludes AMG, Sports Models, SLK, and vehicles with staggered wheels

Engine oil change and oil filter replacement
· Includes Mobil 1 synthetic oil

Lubrication service
· Includes hood hinges, lock cylinders, striker plates, sun roof tracks and top off all fluids

Cooling system inspection
· Includes antifreeze protection level, hoses and clamps

Brake inspection
· Includes check of pad thickness and condition of discs, fluids and lines
· Inspect heating and ventilation dust filter, replace if needed. (Replacement additional*. Dust filter prices vary by model)

Function check
· Includes warning lamps, headlights, exterior lights, seat belts, windshield wiper and washer
· Inspect and lubricate throttle linkage
· Check and clean air filter
· Reset flexible service system counter
· Inspect front axle ball joints; check steering play and power steering clutch; and rear differential levels
· Inspect Poly V-Belt for condition
· Inspect starting and charging system and service battery
· Inspect climate control refrigerant