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Brake Repair and Rotor Repair

Most accidents are due to a rear end collision and proper brake maintenance can eliminate many of those accidents. Fort Wayne's best brake and rotor repair specialists are at Vorderman Motor Werks. Each of our technicians has extensive training on the importance, diagnostics and solving of braking problems or issues.

When a sudden stop is required, trust the professionals here at Vorderman Motor Werks for any and all your Fort Wayne brake repair and rotor repair needs.

Often our customers wait in our customer waiting lounge while we replace old brake pads with new ones.


Brakes and Rotors

The importance of a sound braking system cannot be overstated. The safety of you and your family, as well as others on the road, depend on your ability to stop. Here we'll try and answer some frequent questions regarding brakes and rotors.

How do I know when my rotors need replaced?

Rotors are typically needing to be replaced when they are worn out or if they become warped.

A symptom of warped rotors is the pulsing in the brake pedal when stopping from high speeds. Often, the pulsing you feel in the brake pedal is accompanied by wobbling feel in the steering wheel.

In the old days, brake pads were made of asbestos, a softer material, but today most brake pads are made of harder material. Today, most brake pads are actually created with metal and that means they grind against metal rotors. Consequently, most of the time when you get your brake pads replaced these days, it is also time for the brake rotors to be replaced.

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What are the consequences of not properly performing maintenance on brakes?

Obviously braking is an important aspect of the driving process and a critical element of driving safety. When your brakes fail, catastrophe often results.

How often should I get my brakes and rotors inspected?

At Vorderman Motor Werks we do not charge to perform an inspection on the brakes presuming other service or maintenance is being performed. We recommend a quick inspection of the braking system (lines included) at each oil change. Our technicians can provide an accurate diagnosis of the braking system and allow you to make an informed decision as to when, why and how the brakes get repaired or replaced.

A quick search on the Internet for brake repairs or brake rotor repair will show varying opinions on how often brakes should be checked, repaired or replaced but we can all agree on the importance of a well functioning braking system for the safety of you and your family.

It is also worth mentioning that it is often more cost effective to replace your rotors today than it is to have us or any other repair shop repair them. Whether on the car or off the car it typically takes a few passes on rotors to machine repair them properly and evenly, and that incurs a labor cost that is often more expensive than simply replacing them.

Many times rotors are in the thirty ($30.00) price range and even a half hour of labor will put the costs more for repairing.

Vorderman Motor Werks maintains the most Master Certified Technicians per tech in the greater Fort Wayne area and our team is continually trained on modern mechanical repair knowledge to ensure the best possible brake care of your car, truck, van or SUV. Make an appointment to get your brake and rotor repairs performed properly and in a timely matter. Given the opportunity to serve you, we’ll treat you with a professionalism not often found in the auto repair industry. We've been serving the greater Fort Wayne area including Auburn, Columbia City, New Haven, Dupont area since 1990. We are located off of Washington Center Road a block past Lima road.