Muffler & Exhaust Services

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Muffler and Exhaust Repair Services

Your car's exhaust system contains the main emission control device the catalytic converter and feeds exhaust fumes to the rear of the vehicle. It suppresses exhaust sound and is important to the operation of the computer control system.

Vorderman Motor Werks can solve all of your vehicle's exhaust and muffler repair issues in Fort Wayne and do it at the best price. We guarantee the best mufferl and exhaust repair work in Fort Wayne; bring us in your written quote and we'll do the same work for ten percent (10%) less!


Mufflers and Exhaust

If you’ve ever heard a car engine running without a muffler, you know well how much the noise is ‘muffled’ by a properly functioning muffler. The inside of a muffler looks like a musical instrument with a precise arrangement of tubes with holes and chambers. Sound waves are manipulated in such a way through the muffler that they partially cancel each other out, effectively deadening the majority of sound.

A resonator chamber is typically connected to the first chamber inside a muffler by a hole. The resonator chamber has a precise volume of air at a specific length which allows a precise calculation of sound waves to be created, which is then used to cancel out the incoming exhaust sound! Pretty neat stuff, right?

It doesn’t take a trained technician to notice when a muffler has failed or is failing. You’ll hear it!

Car Exhaust Explained

The exhaust system flushes out the used and spent gases produced by the combustible engine. In a typical exhaust system, you’ll find exhaust manifolds (responsible for air intake) connected to the cylinder head. The exhaust manifold vents each cylinder’s exhaust by combining it into one pipe. Most modern fuel-injected cars also have an oxygen sensor to measure the level of oxygen to exhaust. A catalytic converter, similar to a muffler, is used to convert the harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to a safe water vapor and carbon dioxide. Some catalytic converters even decrease the nitrogen oxides from the exhaust (required in some states). Mufflers are, as described above, mechanisms for canceling noise inherent to combustible engines. String these parts together and you’ll have the makeup of your car, truck, van or SUV’s exhaust system!

At Vorderman Motor Werks we’re proficient in diagnosing and solving any and all exhaust system problems. Although we’ve built a reputation as the best import auto repair service center in Fort Wayne, we are equally adept at domestic auto repair, including the exhaust systems. Each of our technicians must undergo continual training set forth by our Service and Parts Director to ensure state of the art mechanical practices are used during auto service.