Wheel Alignment Services

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Wheel Alignment

We've got the wheel alignment racks, we've got the expert certified technicians and we've got you and your families safety on our minds each and every day. Wheels are a critical aspect to driving that most of us take for granted and misaligned wheels can cause more than just tire wear. Increased stress and pressure on the suspension and its peripheral parts are an unnecessary evil that routine wheel alignment and tire rotation can nip in the bud.

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Wheel Alignment

Tracking straight down the road isn’t just safer driving, it is also fundamental to obtaining the best possible longevity out of your tires and suspension system. Wheel alignment is considered by routine preventative maintenance and here at Vorderman Motor Werks we have the alignment racks, equipment and expertise to correctly determine your alignment and adjust accordingly.

Indication of Misaligned Wheels

  • Tire wear is a prime indicator your wheels are out of alignment
  • Car drifting to one side even when you feel you are driving straight
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Steering wheel is not straight, yet you are driving straight

Check your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations regarding alignment check ups.

Causes of Wheels Out Of Alignment

Everyday, regular and routine driving will, over time, be enough to make your wheels go out of alignment. Often described as wheel alignment, the truth is the suspension is where the alignment actually happens. As suspension parts wear and break down over time, springs and shocks become less effective and the potential for misalignment becomes increasingly possible.

Of course, an accident where wheels are hit or body parts are hit can be cause for the suspension to be affected and consequently, wheels go out of alignment. A vehicle’s suspension components are highly calibrated and even a bump to a curb while parking can make the wheels go out of alignment.

How Wheels Alignment Works

A wheel alignment machine is a sophisticated machine often used on a wheel alignment rack to reconfigure the vehicle’s suspension to put it back into tune. A wheel alignment job is not to be performed by a novice individual but rather a trained technician who uses an alignment machine.

Manufacturers have recently begun to provide equipment on the vehicle to aid in the process of wheel alignment. This entails using a computer to help make precision measurements, offering a much improved alignment over mechanical solutions used in the past.

Ultimately, after all the technical talk and precision measurements, a wheel alignment is a simple act of making the wheels and suspension perfectly square. A technician will adjust the toe, thrust, camber and caster until perfect squaring results. Of course, a technician should also set the steering wheel to center position during the alignment process so the driver tracks straight down the road and the steering wheel is centered.

Type of Wheel Alignments

  • Four wheel alignment (all wheel drive vehicles or front wheel drive independent or adjustable rear end suspensions)
  • Front end alignment / thrust angle alignment (front axle suspension components are adjusted only)

At Vorderman Motor Werks we can perform wheel alignments on domestic and import vehicles of any make and model. Our trained ASE-certified technicians are prepared to provide you the best wheel alignment service in Fort Wayne Indiana.