Batteries, Starting & Charging

Batteries, Starting & Charging
All cars, trucks, vans and SUV's perform as a result of a delicate balance of intricate electrical systems. Our Fort Wayne technicians specialize in diagnosing common engine electrical system problems that might be responsible for instabilities to your vehicle's functionality. Should you suspect your battery is a problem, you’re in the right place. We'll perform a full battery test with detailed analysis to determine the current state of your battery and its ability to maintain a charge. We will also inspect your starter, voltage regulator and alternator to be certain your electrical components are working as designed. Furthermore, we'll inspect your alternator belt; loose alternator belts are common culprits in early battery discharge and deficiencies.


Batteries, Starting & Charging

Car Battery, Charging and Starting

Should the car alternator or generator fail, the vehicle will drain all existing power from the battery rendering the car inoperable.

Car Battery Information

Based on lead-acid battery technology, your car battery is made to be reliable even during the harshest environmental conditions. Typically, a car battery will last two to five years before wearing out.

In modern vehicles, there is a warning light on the dashboard/ gauge cluster which notifies the driver when the battery is not being adequately charged by the alternator. The technicians at Vorderman Motor Werks have the proper diagnostic tools to determine if an issue exists with the alternator or the if the current state of the battery reflects potential issues.

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