Car Heating & A/C

Car Heating & A/C
No matter the temperature outside, we rely on heat and air conditioning in our vehicles. Vorderman Motor Werks is equipped to diagnose and solve any and all of your car's heating or air conditioning issues. Often times, customers are surprised how little time and how inexpensive it is to fix such a vital part of the driving experience. Whether it be a simple recharge, a full flush, or replacing any failed parts, we will be able to take care of it. Click the link below to make an appointment!


Car Heating & A/C

At Vorderman Motor Werks, we are experts in all areas of car heaters and air conditioning systems. Our trained ASE-mechanics/ technicians are capable and prepared to make a proper diagnosis and repair your vehicle!

Air Conditioner Parts

There are three main elements that make up your vehicle’s air conditioning system; compressor, condenser and the evaporator. There are multiple parts within the system but these three elements represent the main parts, each playing a different role in the proper functioning of your cars’ air conditioning system.

At Vorderman Motor Werks our trained ASE-mechanics / technicians are capable of proper diagnostics of all import and domestic vehicles. Accompanying our vast knowledge of air conditioning systems are the tools necessary to replace and or repair any aspect of your car’s air conditioning system here in Fort Wayne.

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