Consignment Sales

Consignment Sales
Consignment Sales
If you're looking to get the most out of selling your car, let us help!


Consignment Sales

Tired of answering the question, “Is this still available”? Let us help . Since the early ’90s, we have been assisting our customers with selling their vehicles on consignment. We go through the whole process to make sure we can get the most value out of your car, without any headaches on your end.

  • First we start out with a general inspection of the vehicle.
  • Depending on the results of the inspection, we’ll make any repairs necessary to ensure the car is safe and ready to go for its new owner.
  • Perform a full vehicle detail.
  • Photograph the car. If it’s a more common vehicle, we can photograph the vehicle right there in our shop’s photo booth. For more unique, specialty vehicles, we can sublet the photography out to a professional, with the option of using a local “infinity wall” studio, as seen with this 1995 Lotus Esprit pictured above.
  • From here we have the decision of listing the vehicle in a more traditional way, via AutoTrader,, CarGurus,, Carfax Used Car Listings, etc. OR submitting the vehicle for an online auction through auction companies like Bring a Trailer or PCARMARKET. This process takes a little more time up front, but always brings a level of excitement to the 7-day auction and opens up the reach to a large following of car enthusiasts!
  • Once we have a buyer, we coordinate all of the paperwork, including financing options, final sales documents, title work, transportation (if needed), etc.
  • You get a check back for the sale price minus our minimal consignment fee and the cost of any reconditioning.

If interested in learning more, contact Alex Vorderman at 260-489-7900 or

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