Tires & Repair

Tires & Repair
Proper tire pressure can aid in tire wear, tire life, fuel efficiency and comfort. Vorderman Motor Werks is a certified supplier and installer for Tire Rack. We offer wheel balancing, road force balancing, rotations and sales! Puncture or damage your tire? We are able to patch and plug your tires in most circumstances!


Tires & Repair

Tires are one of the most fundamental aspects of driving and should be one of those things you pay very close attention to as you properly maintain your vehicle. It’s easy to forget the importance of tires but it only takes one of them failing before their significance is truly revealed.

Tire maintenance:

  • Air pressure
  • Tread test
  • Rotations and Balancing

Tire air pressure:

Proper air pressure in your tires is vital when trying to maximize the longevity of your tires. To determine the proper air pressure for your vehicle, look in the driver side door jam for the manufacturers specifications.

  • Under inflated tires negatively effect your tread wear along the outer edges and lowers your fuel economy.
  • Over inflated tires lead to premature wear along the center of the tire and negatively effects your vehicle’s handling and braking.

How to test tire tread:

Stick a penny heads down into your tire tread

Place a penny vertically into your tire’s tread groove with Abraham Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of his head, it’s time to get new tires.

Rocks, sharp objects and debris sneak up and wreak havoc on tires whether we drive carefully or not. When your tires are damaged, needing repaired or replaced, Vorderman Motor Werks in Fort Wayne, Indiana can solve your tire needs.

How far can I drive on a flat tire?

The short answer; don’t drive on a flat tire. If you don’t address a flat tire or leaking tire right away and try to drive on the tire you not only risk further damage to the tire (possibly making it unrepairable) but you risk damage to the suspension, wheels and even the braking system. Wheels can go out of alignment or worse yet, you could bend the rims. Bent rims or misalignment can cause stress to the suspension and structure of the entire vehicle.

How do I know if I require tire repair?

So your tires are not flat but something doesn’t feel right? Odds are, if you are feeling something strange in the wheel or something subtle, there is likely a problem. Rather than take any risks, stop in and us at Vorderman Motor Werks.

Signs of tire damage:

Rocks, sharp objects, pot holes or other debris can cause sidewalls on tires to bulge. Unaddressed, the tire is likely to burst. These objects can also cause a bent wheel; a bent wheel cause unwanted vibrations. Here at Vorderman Motor Werks, we are able to repair these with our state of the art Hunter Wheel Straightening Machine.

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